As an Executive Director I often felt alone. I couldn’t share my concerns or problems with staff or the Board. Volunteers may take my concerns the wrong way and my colleagues in the community could be competing with our organization. Lonely. I needed a sounding board, a safe place. Someone I could share my triumphs and fears with knowing I wouldn’t be judged just cheered on or cheered up. I needed a Coach! Someone on the sidelines who was cheering even if I missed the ball. Who had a water bottle and snacks and one eye on me all the time.

Since I never had that person beyond the many mentors who gave me great support along the way. I want to be THAT person. It’s my Second Act and now I can provide the cheering, encouraging, snack and water toting that every Executive Director needs to be their best. Call me, I have my chair, sunscreen and hat ready to root for you from the sidelines.

Nonprofit Executive Director