The job of an Executive Director of a nonprofit organization is the hardest job one will ever do.  True? Sure feels like it.  I have had people who have experienced many types of jobs (for profit and non profit) say it is true. I cannot compare.  An Executive Director has many lines of input, but the accountability stays with them.  Who provides input? A Board who means well, but doesn’t always know the true nature of the work of an Executive Director.  Volunteers, who mean well and have passion for the mission, but may not have a full view of the role. And often a national organization with a structured Home office staff who can have a lot of input, but not much accountability.  So how does one keep all of these voices happy?  It is hard sometimes.  Picking the right people on the Board is one way and communicating often is the best way.  If staff and volunteers know what is going on they have less time to make things up or imagine the worse.  Talk with them, provide follow up, send a newsletter, keep the Board Chair in the loop, always! Being an Executive Director is the hardest job you will ever love.